Topic Introduction (Must Read)

Sets occur naturally and artificially. In both ways, sets are collected according to their related properties and uses. The objects in a set are called elements. Groups of people,  herds of cattle, garden tools, and scholastic materials like pens, pencils, and books are some of these sets. 
In this topic, you will look at set concepts in detail. Topic 1 (Set Concepts) is divided into four (4) subtopics called lessons. 
The lessons are

  1. Sets (Introduction)
  2. Finite and infinite sets
  3. Subsets
  4. Venn diagrams of 2 events                   
  5. Probability dice

In each lesson, you will have a teaching video to watch and text content to elaborate and support the lesson. You will also be required to engage in all the activities(Marked) in each lesson. The lesson will end with a simple quiz aimed at helping you recap the lesson objectives. The discussion forum is provided for you to ask a question that can be responded to by your fellow pupils. You will be required to participate in discussions with your peers. The chat room is an optional activity meant to catch up with your peers. Last but not least, you will do a project for this topic and provide evidence of activity as you will be guided.  

Learning Resources needed:

Project Work: Nil

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