Activity 1.1 Locating Africa Using Latitudes and Longitudes

Activity: 1

  1. (a). State the importance of the following imaginary lines.

(i). Latitudes

(ii). Longitudes

  (b). Describe the location of Africa in terms of latitudes and longitudes. 

   2. Use MK Primary Social Studies or Primary Atlas and draw a map of Africa showing the major latitudes and longitudes.

   3. Identify the countries which are crossed by the equator in Africa.

More Questions

  1. Name the 0 degree latitude that crosses Africa.
  2. Mention the Latitude marked 23½0N.
  3. Give the degrees that marks the Tropic of cancer.
  4. What is the position of Africa in relation to other continents.
  5. Give the direction of Africa from South America.